v1.5 coming soon

The new version v.15 brings new features :

Located operations

A located operation is normal operation (tags, amount and description) but it also has coordinates assigned. Thanks to GPS capabilities of the iPhone, Cashtag find your position and suggest you the nearest operation from you.

i.e. When you’re about to enter an expense in Cashtag for the restaurant you’re going every 2-3 days, create an new located operation. Days later, after a good meal, when you’re about to record your expense, push the located button and thanks to your GPS coordinates, it will suggest you the operation about your favorite restaurant. The operation will be already well configured with the right description and tags, we should only have to enter the amount.

Currency management

It was an hard part of this new version. What you have to know about Cashtag currency management :

  • Cashtag has a reference currency;
  • Each element has a currency;
  • A period has a dynamic currency or a real currency;
  • A tag has dynamic currency or a real currency.
  • A dynamic currency is a currency which isn’t hard-coded and takes the currency of its parent (Cashtag > period > tags / compound tags).

i.e. When you’re launching Cashtag v1.5 for the fist time, it will get your reference currency thanks to your localization. All your operations will be assigned to the reference currency. In the settings, you could add others currencies. After when you will enter new operations, we could choose the currency.

The version v1.5 fixes the bug about the creation of compound tags.


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